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JRM Sales & Management is the acknowledged industry leader in providing strategic solutions and guidance to independent retailers. We are recommended by numerous retail trade organizations and have been engaged by hundreds of clients both in the US and internationally, helping entrepreneurs meet the challenges of the changing economic climate and improving profits for their businesses and quality of life for themselves.
It all starts with our comprehensive Business Analysis process. It will be some of the most productive days you've ever spent on your business-guaranteed!
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Brian Ashworth
Ashworth Appliance & Electronics
Radio Shack Dealer Franchise
Mora & Princeton, MN, USA

Jeff Vander Berg
Vander Berg Furniture & Flooring
Sioux Center, IA, USA

David Berggren

Furniture Connection
Clarksville, TN, USA

Jukka Ovaska
Nordic Energy Systems
Sudbury, ON, Canada

Romberger's Appliances, Inc.
After 2 years of searching for someone to help our family owned & operated business, I was referred by Nationwide East to speak with Joe Milevsky of JRM Sales & Management. He listened to my story, saw my tears of frustration and sensed the urgency ...
Furniture Connection

Lorna is doing fantastic. How lucky we are to have such a motivated person “on our” Team! And I really do, as do the other managers, feel she is on our Team.
Everyday someone comes back to training with a great story. They...
Shumake Furniture Company
Shumake Furniture Company is a family owned and operated business, which was started in 1934. Though we’ve had many years of experience and weathered many storms through the years business was not great. When asked to describe my present job situ...