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The JRM team has authored many articles over the years that have appeared in several publications. This library contains a few that we hope will be beneficial to anyone looking for some information to further their business.

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Family Business Successorship - Provided by Joe M. Goodman, Family Business Consultant and CPA with Adams and Reese LLP in Nashville, TN

This PDF file comes with a collection of articles related to Succession Planning in your family business.

Why Would I Ask for Help!? - By Joe Milevsky, CEO

What Are Your Salespeople Costing You? - By Joe Milevsky, CEO

salespeople cost
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It is Time to Look in the Mirror - By Joe Milevsky, CEO

Understanding Merchandising Inventory Allowance and Open to Buy
"Why Suffer Results When You Can Engineer Outcomes"
- By Bob Moorman, Sr. Retail Consultant

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Does Your Selling System Work?- By Jim Grandillo, Sr. Retail Consultant

The economic experts out there all reluctantly agree: the way things are right now is the New Normal. People are shopping less, and those that do take longer to make up their minds. We have the New Consumer who questions everything about a durable purchase – especially if it is a luxury item. Do I really need this? Will my old one last another few years? Is this item the very best one I can get for my home? Is this the best place to buy, the best price to pay, the best person to help me make this decision? The pressure is on our stores to help answer these all-important questions – and we have the selling staffs to do that.

How to Find Good Salespeople- By Joe Milevsky, CEO

All of your other efforts will be ineffective if the wrong salespeople are chosen. Take a great organization with excellent systems and hire the wrong people, then ultimately the people and the organization will not succeed. So, what are things that people must bring to your organization and what are the things that you can teach?

"From the Experts" March 2009 WHFA on-line newsletter
Inappropriate Expense Initiatives- By Joe Milevsky, CEO

One example is a retailer that called our company looking for help because their sales had fallen off significantly. The retailer went from paying on written sales to paying on delivered sales. His rationale was that it would help him with his cash-flow.

"From the Experts" March 2008 WHFA on-line newsletter
I understand dead inventory is a problem. What is your best advice as to what to do with dead inventory?
Answer from industry consultant Bob Moorman:

One thing to understand about “dead inventory” is that it normally accumulates because the company has no defined item elimination strategy. Adding to the accumulation is a slow down in sales with no slow down in purchasing. During the tough times that many are experiencing in our industry this issue gets amplified considerably.