Planning Success for
Independent Business Owners

For over 16 years, JRM Sales & Management has helped independent business owners of all shapes and sizes all across America and Internationally. We help them achieve dramatically increased sales and profits, and the quality of life they desire.

What do our clients typically look like?

What do we look at and what do we do?

We take a wholistic approach to your business and closely examine all aspects of it. Then we establish a clear path to accomplishing your goals and assist you in its implementation. Some of the parts we look at include but are not strictly limited to the following:

Business Performance Analysis

Our Business Performance Analysis will provide some of the most productive days you have ever spent on your business. We promise you, in the end, that you will thank us for it.

  • A Business Performance Analysis will examine every aspect of your unique business to discover opportunities to improve your profitability and efficiency

  • Our findings and solutions will be of great value to the overall health of your business

  • Talk to us today about how you can join the hundreds of our clients over the last 15 years to greatly benefit from this process

Our 100% Guaranteed, Objective, Comprehensive and Confidential On-Site Analysis will cover:

  1. Merchandising

    How you buy, How you flow goods, Inventory turnover, Gross margins, Item elimination strategies

  2. How you sell

    The difference in the performance of your salespeople

  3. How you manage the sales process

    Ensuring every customer interaction is maximized to its greatest potential

  4. Organizational structure

    Stress levels, Turnover, Performance of your people, Quality of life

  5. Financial Controls

    Cash flow, Budgets

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We 100% guarantee that the Business Performance Analysis will meet or exceed your expectations. You will gain significant insight from a proven industry professional that will objectively look at your business in ways that are virtually impossible to do on your own.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


Chaleur Durable
Our experience with JRM has been life transforming! In business as well as in our personal lives. We had been looking for financial advice for years and struggling through the process of owning a small business. We knew there was a better way of doing business, but we did not know how.

When we attended HPBAExpo in March 2017, we went to a JRM workshop. Everything they said made so much sense…we knew that we had found what we had been looking for! We have been with JRM now for 6 months and our way of doing business has been transformed and is still being transformed. We now have a new outlook on managing our employees, of doing publicity, of selling, of managing the financial side…and the list goes on.

Hiring JRM has been a new beginning for us and one that was absolutely necessary for us to transfer to the next generation. We are moving forward now with a new outlook on business, a new hope for the future and excitement in everything we do. Our employees have caught the vision also and are excited with this new direction!

And what can we say about Mike…energetic, enthusiastic, encouraging, patient, discerning, bold, courageous, outgoing, engaging… He has bent over backwards to help us, and he has become a part of the team. He rejoices with us and cries with us. He does not hesitate to go out of his way to facilitate us. He has a huge heart and it overflows in everything he does…Thanks Mike!

Barbara Wright
Chaleur Durable
Your Dream Home
I knew my business, but I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about running it until David Fass helped me view my business holistically. I now know the key metrics for each aspect of my business and how to manage by results instead of tasks. People know what is expected of them, and I am spending more time working on my business instead of in my business.

Heather Leighty
Your Dream Home

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Case Study of Top Hat Chimney Sweeps

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    Case Study of Top Hat Chimney Sweeps

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    Case Study of Blackberry Creek Mattress

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