Planning Success for
Independent Business Owners

Roundtable Groups

Business owners discussing around a table


Roundtable Group Members, in effect, become their own board of directors with the goal of growing each member's business expertise. Group members find that through improved performance, the cost to benefit ratio of joining a group makes it one of the best investments that they will ever make in their businesses.

JRM possesses the credibility, integrity, infrastructure, experience in group facilitation, and a powerful team of professional industry veteran staff members unparalleled in the retail industry.

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How Round Table Members Work Together


  • Each member that joins a group dedicates his/herself to helping fellow members improve their businesses.
  • Groups function in an environment of total confidentiality, and sign by-laws to ensure that confidentiality.
  • Experienced industry veterans professionally facilitate meetings. JRM provides these industry experts.
  • Group members serve as a support group and sounding board for members to gain feedback on major issues under consideration.
  • Groups consist of members that enjoy each other's company and in an environment where a high level of trust and confidence exists.



  • Each group meets two times per year.
  • Members share their best practices.
  • Member company critiques are facilitated with companies that desire to be critiqued.
  • Members will vote on the acceptance of any new member. Potential members will sign strict confidentiality statements.
  • Meeting logistics, agendas, forms, minutes, and reports are produced by JRM.
  • The groups share financial information that is produced in a composite by JRM, giving group members the ability to appropriately compare all aspects of their members' businesses.