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Sales Management

"The sales management systems we have implemented are working great. I now know what is happening and, more importantly, what is not happening on my sales floor... I can assure you that the money I have spent on this has been the best money I have ever spent."

Lee Skinner
Morris Appliance

Are your sales associates working towards their individual goals? Are they held accountable for them?

Customers purchase from salespeople, not from stores. The proper selection, training, and motivation of sales associates are the most important management functions in any selling organization.

Salespeople not properly trained and coached mean your customers do not receive the best attention and service they need – and they go elsewhere to buy. Sales management processes include establishment of individual salesperson goals, store goals, training programs, and coaching sessions – all designed to make sure that every customer entering your store receives excellent and consistent service, regardless of which salesperson they meet.

Sales Compensation

Every retail outfit is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all model for sales compensation. Check out the following webinar presented by Joe Milevsky, CEO of JRM Sales & Management, where he covers this topic in great detail.

The Pros and Cons of Different Sales Compensation Plans
Sales Team Celebrating

salespeople cost 

You may noticed a wide range in the performance of your salespeople.  What does this mean exactly and just how much is it costing your business?  This educational video will help give you another look at just what this means and the real impact it has on your business.

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JRM's Method to Success

We will train your management team in appropriate sales management skills. We will focus on how to properly set goals with sales associates, how to measure performance, accountability issues, recruiting and hiring techniques, the training of new associates, the training of existing associates, coaching techniques that partner with the sales associate and are effective, as well as the management of all related selling system processes.

We will provide you with customized forms and spreadsheets that will be used for the purposes of measuring sales person performance, and the setting of agreements for changes in behavior necessary for sales performance improvement. Sales training and management manuals are also provided.