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Sales Training

"Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to the success of our clients as they define it. By helping our clients succeed, our employees will also achieve their own personal goals."

How effective is your selling system? Do you even have one?

Even if it is not formalized (i.e. taught as a system to all new employees), all companies do have a selling system. It is what the top salespeople do on a day-to-day basis…but is it the best it can be? Have you noticed a wide difference between the performance levels of your salespeople? In all likelihood, this is the reason. Imagine the difference in skills and service your customers receive, depending on which salesperson greets them…

Does Your Selling System Work?

This is a new era for retail. We find ourselves faced with more frugal, educated, and cautious consumers. They still require help and assistance – they still need vital questions answered – and we provide salespeople for them to attend to these needs. But customers – now more than ever before – are wary and unsure of salespeople. In fact, they hate sales people!

Your customers are your most precious asset, and you cannot afford to do a less-than-perfect job attending to each and every one of them. Check out This article on the subject of selling systems from one of our Senior Account Executives, Jim Grandillo.

JRM's Method to Success

We will assist you in the development of a selling system that best fits your company. This will include the development of goals, strategies for customer interaction, performance standards, customer distribution system, incentive programs, and staffing levels.

We will train your sales associates to improve their performance. We will work with them to help them improve their attitude before approach, the approach itself, developing the relationship needed to have a customer become a client, listening, communicating, house call techniques as appropriate, product presentation, overcoming objections, closing skills, goal understanding and focus, as well as methods for building long term relationships with clients.

Brandise and David Wilkins

"Sales training could not have been any better. I can’t believe that I was able to keep focused for two very full days. Everyone was involved and it was not just informative, but it was fun. Everyone said that they were committed to applying what they learned in class because it was logical and doable. This was a great investment which will pay for itself many times over for years to come."

Brandise and David Wilkins
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