Planning Success for
Independent Business Owners

Start-Up Consulting

JRM brings all of its experience along with our highly developed and proven programs and systems to the table with a step by step process for getting your new business off the ground properly.

Why make all of the mistakes that so many have made before you? JRM has developed the systems to minimize stress and maximize profits.
JRM will guide you through every step in building your new business. We can be as simple as you want or as comprehensive as you need. We will customize our processes to best fill your needs.


The Business Plan
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The Business plan is the foundation for everything that follows. Developing a business plan for your company provides you with a structured approach to assist you in positioning yourself for financing and helps you in the development of vendor relationships. Most importantly the business plan identifies the priorities for the implementation of needed processes and controls.



Why reinvent the wheel? The wheel has already been invented!

JRM possesses the staff of industry experts that provide invaluable guidance with your new venture.

JRM's Business Analysts and Account Managers average over 30 years of industry experience.