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Store Design

"Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to the success of our clients as they define it. By helping our clients succeed, our employees will also achieve their own personal goals."
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The Store Design program is tailored or customized for your store. How do you make your store reflect your brand? We reinforce your current brand or customize a whole new concept.

Check out our quick presentation on store design principles and concepts along with a brief description of the JRM process, also listed in the section below.

Also, take a look at a portfolio of some of our work: JRM Design Portfolio

JRM's Method to Success

The Store Design procedure is a three phase process that takes place over the course of our visits to the client's store.  These phases include two to three day visits or more depending on the scale of the project.  Each project is unique to the client's needs.

The first phase of the design process entails consultation and observation. We meet with the client and discuss their needs and their goals for the enhancement of the store and their "brand".  We then observe the various aspects of the store from operations and merchandising to store culture and the customer base.  From there we make recommendations and give feedback on observations.

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The second phase involves the design and layout of the client's store.  We draw out the floor plan of the store and then design a layout of improvements - merchandise presentation, displays, traffic flow, etc.  We then meet with the client and present our proposal and review the budget.

The final phase is the implementation of all the agreed upon changes.  We will guide the client and supervise the installation of fixtures and displays. As necessary, we will train your staff in the displaying of the merchandise.