Planning Success for
Independent Business Owners

Succession Planning

Passing a baton

However, we find that many of our clients are seeking exit strategies, and they are often in need of succession planning.

What is the First Step?

  • For a business to maximize its potential value either to family members, non-family employees, or an external person or company, all aspects of the business must be run as efficiently as is possible with defined processes.

  • JRM’s process is to understand your business and goals before we make recommendations. It starts with a comprehensive analysis of the key areas of your business.

  • The process is 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations or you pay nothing at all.

Business people sitting around a table

What is the Next Step?

  • For clients that choose to partner with JRM, we assist you in positioning the business for transition.

  • Our processes include all or some of the following items customized to fit your specific needs:

    • Implementing financial controls; detailed budgeting practices to ensure predictable net profit. This often includes plans to reduce debt, building a stronger balance sheet and improving cash-flow positions.

    • Companies that are properly organizationally structured have specific accountabilities and processes.

    • This supports great work environments and lessens the dependencies on their owners.

    • This in turn allows for smoother transitions.

    • JRM will assist you to move your company from Task Driven to Mission Driven.

    • We guide you in defining your Lines of Communication, developing detailed Job Descriptions, implementing Employee Developmental Evaluation processes, Conflict Resolution techniques, and having meaningful problem solving management team meetings.

    • To ensure your sales volume potential is maximized, JRM will customize a selling system that best fits the culture of your company. This will become one of your many key intellectual properties further enhancing your company’s value. We will train your sales team initially, but more importantly we will give you the tools to train your team ongoing. This will include many coaching techniques to build and maintain the skill set of your sales team. JRM will install a proprietary database to track individual sales performance to support the achievement of individual and company goals.

    • JRM’s Merchandising processes are designed to help you to get the greatest possible return on your inventory investment. They include developing open-to-buy databases and processes to ensure that the majority of your dollars invested are in the right place. The focus is to maximize inventory turns and gross margin potential.

    • Succession planning ensures alignment with your goals through building a transition plan that clearly delineates how the succession plan will work. This is done to ensure transparency with everyone involved.

    • As needed, JRM will develop a Business Transition Summary that will be comprehensive enough so that it can be used as the basis of a purchase contract with your partners, attorney, CPA, business broker, banker, next generation family members, purchasing employees, or an outside interest.

    • This document can include a checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked and all understand the true value of the company as well as the requirements to make everything work.

We simply make you more profitable, position you to keep your business safe, increase your company’s value, and relieve significant amounts of stress in the transition process.