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Business Self Assessment

FINANCIAL 1. Do you produce an annual budget?
2. Do you review a monthly financial statement?
3. Are you satisfied with your company's profits?
4. Do you find yourself having cash-flow issues?
MARKETING 1. Do you believe that your advertising works?
3. Do you budget your advertising dollars?
5. Do you believe that you are using the correct media mix?
2. Are you comfortable with measuring advertising effectiveness?
4. Do you have an advertising plan?
6. Is your website meeting your expections?
MERCHANDISING 1. Have you slot planned your floor?
2. Do you utilize merchandise plans and a war room?
3. Do you utilize merchandise plans and a war room?
4. Do you have a clear policy of when to drop slow turning merchandising?
6. Do you use automated inventory control system effectively?
SALES MGMT 1. Do you properly measure the performance of your salespeople?
2. Are you satisfied with the majority of your salespeople?
3. Do you have high turnover on your floor?
5. Do you do product training?
4. Do you do sales training?
6. Do you hold effective sales meetings?
7. Do you believe that your compensation plan provides appropriate incentive?
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