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Self Assessment

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Business owners want to know how they can maximize the potential of their business

while ensuring their company is safe.


Sales are unpredictable and customers are more selective with whom they do business.


Today’s Business Requirements:

  • Financial Management Processes

  • Sales Management and a Selling System

  • Creative Merchandise Management

  • Organizational Accountabilities


To help you  -  JRM has designed the Business Insight Self-Assessment Process

  • Its purpose is to help you develop a plan and to assist you in looking at the initiatives you should have in place in each key area of your business. 

  • By participating in this process you are taking another step towards keeping your business safe.

  • The assessment covers many of the critical areas of operating a business in which you need to be demonstrating a high level of expertise in today’s business environment

  • Certain areas, in reality, carry greater importance to some businesses then do other areas.  For example, exit strategies and succession planning may carry more weight with a company about to go through a handoff to the next generation.  

You also may contact us directly for additional discussions about the assessment. 

Click here to take our Business Insight Self Assessment

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