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Business Analysis

A Business Performance Analysis will examine every aspect of your unique business to discover opportunities to improve your profitability and efficiency.  Our finds and solutions will be of great value to the overall health of your business.

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Sales Training

We will assist you in developing a selling system that best fits your company.  This includes goals, strategies for customer interaction, performance standards, and much more.  We will train your sales associates to improve their performance and fully utilize your selling system.

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Sales Management

Are your sales associates working twards their individual goals?  Are they held accountable for those goals?  

Customers purchase from salespeople, not from stores.  The proper selection, training, and motivation of sales associates are the most important management functions in any selling organization

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Budgeting & Financial Controls

Employing sound financial controls begins with the development of an operation budget, which includes forecasting all future expenses, revenues, and margins.  We develop your budget and fully train you in its use so you know where you stand and can engineer outcomes.

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Organizational Process

Correct organizational development processes help to create and maintain a rewarding, enjoyable, and productive working environment for your employees.  The by-product is, not surprisingly, happy and satisfied customers!  Our Organizational Development program is designed to help company executives manage on-going growth and change and achieve a good balance between what the company needs to stay profitable and what employees need to feel motivated and secure.

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Merchandise is an asset, but unfortunately, as long as it has not sold, it is a depreciating one.  Merchandise sitting on shelves in a warehouse should be thought of as piles of money hiding under the mattress: it's comforting to know that you have it, but every day it's value decreases.  Our Merchandising Program is intended to assist you in reducing the expenses associated with carrying excess inventory, thus giving you a greater return on your investment and improving sales by attempting to disprove the old 80/20 rule: "80% of our business is from 20% of our stock!"

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